He’s extremely unfocused, that was Zach’s problem. Unbelievably unfocused. Unbelievably emotionally unstable. Wished that he was here and wished that he was home, pretty much in polar opposites at the same time in multiple times each week. Like he’d come to me and be like ‘I just fucking wish I was home.’ And then the next day he was like ‘GOD! We’re fucking killing it!’ then he was like ‘Ah, I wish I was home.

Frankie Grande

please point me to the lie?

I would understand if Frankie was making up blatant lies on him and disrespecting him…but he didn’t. This was an amazing assessment. I think Zach was all over the place because he was going through withdrawals from weed (this is how I personally feel)


U cant even go through this tag without wanting to punchh people in the throat and ripping their eyes out


being put in charge of small children like




i want to throw every single zankie shipper into a ball pit

It needs to burn in the same hell as Naya Rivera’s former face. 


y’all ever take a pic and be like this ain’t even my skin color